Blausee & Oeschinensee Private Tour from Lucerne

You dream of exploring Switzerland's lakes but can't decide which one to choose? Visit four of them in just one day! Discover the Best of Swiss Lakes with Swiss Xplorer’s Private Tour from Lucerne.

Discover the Best of Swiss Lakes with Swiss Xplorer’s Private Tour from Lucerne

You dream of exploring Switzerland’s lakes but can’t decide which one to choose? Visit four of them in just one day!

Managing numerous train connections and covering long distances on foot can be exhausting, draining your energy and limiting your experience. With public transportation, a trip from Lucerne to the Oeschinen lake alone take three hours, making it challenging to fit multiple destinations into a single day.

Imagine missing out on the hidden gems of Switzerland because of rigid train schedules and long, tiring commutes. Picture the frustration of trying to capture perfect photos in rushed moments or worrying about finding your way in unfamiliar places. The stress of coordinating transport can turn your dream vacation into a logistical hassle, leaving you more exhausted than exhilarated.

Swiss Xplorer’s private tour is your perfect solution, especially for those with limited time who want to see many places and optimize their schedule.We take you from the doorstep of your Lucerne hotel to the most picturesque lakes in Switzerland—Lungern, Iseltwald with the stunning Brienzersee, Blausee, and Oeschinensee—in a comfortable, private van. Our knowledgeable guide ensures you don’t miss any highlights, and our flexible schedule allows for spontaneous photo stops at your convenience. Enjoy a seamless, door-to-door experience that lets you focus on the beauty around you, not the logistics.

Why Choose Swiss Xplorer?

Efficient Travel: Cut travel time in half with our private van, reaching Oeschinensee in just 1.5 hours from Lucerne, compared to 3 hours by train.
Exclusive Destinations: Visit four stunning lakes in one day, a feat nearly impossible with public transportation.
Personalized Experience: Our expert guide is not only your driver but also your photographer, ensuring you capture every memorable moment.
Comfort and Convenience: Travel in comfort from your hotel door directly to each breathtaking location without worrying about train schedules or transfers.

Reservation and Payment Process:

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