Find the best tips to plan your trip to Switzerland

We know that planning a trip is a lot of work! Besides, Switzerland is a country with countless attractions that can often confuse the traveler. After almost 10 years of making personalized itineraries for travelers to get to know Switzerland, we finally developed a unique E-BOOK, with all the practical information gathered in one place! Here you will find tips on the best tours in Switzerland, lots of inspiration, the difference between the 4 seasons in detail and how to prepare for each of them, you will also find all the information you need to get around by public transportation, you will learn more about Swiss cuisine, have tips on how to save money, trivia, and much more! Here you will also learn a bit about the local culture, so your experience will be even more enriching during your trip, providing a greater cultural immersion. In our E-BOOK, we mention the best of each place, not only the famous and iconic sights, but also the postcard villages off the traditional tourist routes that only a local knows. All content in this E-book was produced by the Swiss Xplorer team who live in Switzerland and are trained at the Switzerland Travel Academy with the certificate of "Switzerland Specialists". A well-planned trip will save you time and money! The ideal is to purchase this e-book in advance, from 3 to 12 months before the planned date of travel, so that you can have the perfect vacation! All the best wishes, Swiss Xplorer Team.